JavaScript Quickstart #3: Prototypes

JavaScript makes use of prototypal inheritance as opposed to classical inheritance. Each object in Javascript has a link to another object - its prototype. This object has a prototype of its own. This chain continues until we reach an object with a null prototype which acts as the final link ... Read more »

JavaScript Quickstart #2: Functions

JavaScript has some pretty awesome features around functions, and in fact the entire language is based around the use of functions as opposed to classes etc. (Although this is changing with ECMAScript 6?) Features First-Class Javascript functions are first-class i.e. they are treated as first-class citizens. This means that ... Read more »

JavaScript Quick Start #1: Basics

The below is a quick and dangerous introduction to JavaScript. It is a collection of terminology, idioms and resources that I've come across whilst trying to wrap my head around the language and its massive array of frameworks & tooling. And mostly - it's things that I've found particularly confusing ... Read more »

A Lean Blog

I decided to start this blog a couple of weeks ago and since then have written 7 drafts and have published none of them. I'm a perfectionist and hitting that publish button is outrageously difficult. Having just started re-reading the lean startup I realised that there is absolutely no reason ... Read more »